Adaptação de questionario de avaliaçao da qualidade de vida e percepçao relativa a doença, aplicado a individuos portadores de catarata senil / Adjustment of a quality of life evaluation questionnaire to cataract patients




BACKGROUND: Cataracts represent a public health problem because patients presenting the disease are unable to adequately perform routine activities, with a negative influence on their quality of life. PURPOSE: To evaluate the impact of reduced visual acuity in the quality of life of these patients, the authors adjusted a specific questionnaire to the Brazilian social reality and tested its response adequacy and reliability. PATIENTS AND METHODS: 40 cataract patients with surgical indication were interviewed. The questionnaire was applied and the same interview was done twice with a one-hour interval. RESULTS: More than 80 % of questions were answered the first time they were asked. Consistence analysis showed that only one patient answered four questions in a different manner during the interviews. CONCLUSION: The authors concluded that the adjusted questionnaire is applicable for a population with a low level of formal education, being a reliable instrument in the evaluation of quality of life in cataract patients


quality of life qualidade de vida cataract saude publica public health catarata

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