A produção do espaço como mercadoria: novos eixos da valorização imobiliária em Porto Alegre/RS / The production of space as a commodity: new areas of real estate development in Porto Alegre/RS




The current research attempted to reveal the central aspects of the production of the metropolitan space of Porto Alegre during the last 15 years. First of all, we established the theoretical framework which helped us understand the movement that transforms space into a commodity. This has allowed us to demonstrate how this transformation has been occurring in Porto Alegre and how it has given rise to new spatial centralities in terms of real estate development. This is a process largely carried out by business strategies devised by large real estate developers. Having this in view, we made use of the concept of urban frontier in order to enrich our understanding of the business strategies of real estate development, paying attention to the changes occurred with Jardim Europa, a large development project located in the Eastern part of Porto Alegre. We emphasized the fact that large developers strive to incorporate areas of lower land prices into the sphere of circulation of their capital with the aim of obtaining surplus development profits. So as to attract middle and upper class households to these frontiers, developers employ massive advertising campaigns, selling signs of welfare and of harmony with nature, at the same time as they rely on the local state, which usually supports their development schemes. The result of this is the restless refashioning of urban space carried out by capital accumulation, thus leading to the reinforcement of the social and spatial distances that separate the gentrified neighborhoods and the vast urban peripheries typical of capitalism as it has developed in Brazil.


uneven development urban frontier neoliberalism urban centralities desenvolvimento desigual fronteira urbana neoliberalismo centralidades urbanas

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