A formação continuada do professor : uma proposta de ambiente virtual colaborativo de planejamento do processo ensino-aprendizagem




The current dissertation aims at the continued formation of the teacher through the planning of the teaching-learning process. The examined aspects were the following: the delicate and the strong aspects found in the teaching-learning process performed by the students of pedagogy; the presence of these delicate and strong aspects in the planning of the teachers at work; the arrangement of the planning realized by the teachers on a continued formation. The formation of the teacher and the planning are supported by the following authors: Gauthier et al. (1998), Tardif (2002), Mizukami (1999), Pimenta (2000), Vasconcellos (1995), Molina Bogantes (1997) among others.The data analysis has allowed the collection of the necessary requirements for the conception of a virtual environment of the teaching-learning process, which gives aid to the tutor, composing his or her continued formation. For the data analysis, the qualitative approach was favored, using the assumptions of the exploratory research. Pedagogy graduate students took part in the first stage of the research. The students created 54 planning strategies at this stage. Elementary education teachers partook of the research during the second stage. Two documents were used: questionnaires and planning created by the teachers. The results of the current study indicate that the teaching-learning process is an activity marked by a difficult elaboration presented in the same proportion and intensity, not only to the teachers in the initial formation, but also to the teachers who are partakers of the continued formation. The challenge of the continued formation through a virtual environment of a planning of a teaching-learning process, makes up an alternative, for associations among the elements of planning, pursuing a learning strategy for teachers based on educational praxis.


aprendizagem tecnologia educacional professores - formação ensino à distância educacao

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