The Social mass media and their incidence in the local development in the corner and Province of Zamorra Chinchipe - Ecuador / Los Medios de comunicación social y su incidencia en el desarrollo local en el canton y Provincia de Zamorra Chinchipe - Ecuador

Autor Principal: Milton Eduardo Andrade Tapia
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Espanhol
Publicado em: 2006
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In this work it is analyzed the diversity and the forms of the communication systems in Zamora - Ecuador, relating them from institution, social participation and social media starting from the production and emission of radio, television, printed communication (written) and the presence of the new technologies in the communication, trying to find spaces from which it is possible to develop practices talkative alternative and democratic that contribute to the social development.

The present work examines the their practices of the radio communication, to be one of the main means and with more tradition in the area, the radio stations, particularly local, is analyzed in its models and programming, observing in each one of them its characteristics, objectives and strategies assumed from its commercial or ideological vision, its degree of professional and technical innovation, paying attention and assigning value to the critical position of the listeners to interpret the current and future tendencies that they present.

Finally we approach the communication from the context, examining their uses and forms, as well as positive influence or negative in the formation of identity, harmony with the environment, values and knowledge in perspective of improving the quality of the population s life.

The investigation leans on in the scientific knowledge because which uses qualitative techniques: Diversity of focal groups, interview, observation and use of bibliographical investigation.

Considering the history, the dynamic own, and the valuation that the Zamoranos have, from their perception and identification from the context of codes, languages and goods, position from which they establish norms that should be used for them, allowing us to articulate points of view, analysis and concepts examined from the theory to understand the role that they play in the social media and their importance in making the society better.