Structure and regulation of a polymorphic gene encoding folate receptor type gamma/gamma'.

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The human folate receptor (hFR) type gamma and gamma' are constitutively secreted proteins that are expressed primarily in hematopoietic tissues and are potential serum markers for certain hematopoietic malignancies.

hFR-gamma' is a variant of hFR-gamma with a two base deletion in its cDNA resulting in a truncated polypeptide.

The gene encoding hFR-gamma' was isolated from a placental genomic library.

The gene has five exons, four introns and a 5' flanking sequence which contains multiple putative regulatory elements.

From RNase protection assay and RACE analysis, the major site of transcriptional initiation was identified at -56 nt.

Systematically deleted fragments in the 5' region of the genomic DNA of FR-gamma' were ligated into the PGL3Basic plasmid and the reporter luciferase activity was assayed in cell lysates from transiently transfected NIH3T3 cells.

From those results, putative positive and negative regulatory regions in the 5' flanking sequences were noted, and a TATA-less proximal promoter was located between -206 and -22 nt.

Gel mobility shift and supershift analyses as well as mutagenesis experiments revealed that Sp1 and ets binding elements in the proximal promoter region confer transcriptional activity.

From partial sequencing of genomic DNA, genomic Southern blots, RACE analysis and RNase protection assays, it appears that hFR-gamma shares the gene organization of hFR-gamma'.

The results of the analysis of genomic DNA in spleen tissues from several individuals, were consistent with the interpretation that hFR-gamma and hFR-gamma' are encoded by a polymorphic gene.