O benefício assistencial de prestação continuada nos termos da lei: reflexões sobre o trabalho do intérprete no campo do direito social / Continuous assistance benefit pursuant to the law: reflections on the works of the interpreter in the field of social assistance

Autor Principal: Carlos Gustavo Moimaz Marques
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2007
Link Texto Completo: http://www.sapientia.pucsp.br//tde_busca/arquivo.php?codArquivo=5461
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The aim of this study is the analysis of the evaluation of the miserableness for obtainment of continuous assistance benefits, emphasizing the analysis made by interpreter/applicator in the field of Social Security Law, when common legislative activity is beneath constitutional principles.

Continuous assistance benefit is the main product of Social Assistance policy being responsible for three quarters of its budget.

Having in mind this reality, we start this study with an outline of the historical and juridical development of social assistance in Brazil.

The most important changes occurred alongside the time are shown, highlighting the main features that circumscribe this social protection network.

In the next chapter, we present the definition of the benefits and their legal requirements are pointed out.

The most important question, the criteria of miserableness evaluation pointed in the 3rd paragraph, article 20 of Law 8742/94, is also presented.

At the end of this chapter, we examine the opinion of Supreme Court of Brazil about this matter.

Based on the questions involving the establishment of miserableness, we point out, in the following chapter, an interpretation guideline for this benefit to take effect, extended to other Social Rights according to the Brazilian Constitution.

We emphasize the disagreements that involve the hypothesis where common legislative activity is beneath constitutional principles.

Finally, in the last chapter we show where the defect of the 3rd paragraph, article 20 of Law 8742/94 is, and the way which is believed to provide the best solution