Multifamily housing : the inclusion of humanizing concepts into the design process / Habitação coletiva : a inclusão de conceitos humanizadores no processo de projeto

Autor Principal: Raquel Regina Martini Paula Barros
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2008
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The research values the relation between humanizing concepts and the spatial quality of multifamily housing design in order to contribute to the architectural design process.

The concepts originated from a selection of patterns related to housing among the identified by Christopher Alexander and colleagues in 1977.

Patterns are propositions intended to answer to recurrent problems in the built environment regarding the fulfillment of social, psychological and environmental needs of its users, and were here translated and interpreted as design parameters.

The investigation aimed at verifying to which extent selected parameters relate to the spatial quality of multifamily housing design regarding that fulfillment.

The design sample included the awarded and published multifamily housing in the State of Sao Paulo within the time period of 1980 through 2005, comprising built and not built proposals for users of any income level.

A collection of identified design parameters was gathered from the analysis of that comprehensive local production.

The relevance of those for the design analysis encouraged the construction of humanizing concepts and revealed its potential for use.

A design strategy was developed as to relate the humanizing concepts to inherent properties, representing qualities of the built environment which can recover a sense of urbanity and of a sense of dwelling.

The research intends to contribute to the reflection on design methodologies and practice regarding the quality of multifamily housing concerning the fulfillment of social, psychological and environmental needs of future users.

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