Genotoxic effect of alkaloids

Autor Principal: Henriques,J. A. P.
Outros Autores: Moreno,P. R. H., Von Poser,G. L., Querol,C. C., Henriques,A. T.
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Idioma: Inglês
Publicado em: Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 19910101
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Because of the increase use of alkaloids in general medical practice in recent years, it is of interest to determine genotoxic, mutagenic and recombinogenic response to different groups of alkaloids in prokaryotic and eucaryotic organisms.

Reserpine, boldine and chelerythrine did not show genotoxicity response in the SOS-Chromotest whereas skimmianine showed genotixicity in the presence of a metabolic activation mixture.

Voacristine isolated fromthe leaves of Ervatamia coronaria shows in vivo cytostatic and mutagenic effects in Saccharomyces cerevisiae hapioids cells.

The Rauwolfia alkaloid (reserpine) was not able to induce reverse mutation and recombinational mitotic events (crossing-over and gene conversion) in yeast diploid strain XS2316.