Design de artefatos digitais baseados em padrÃes e plataformas

Autor Principal: Dino Lincoln FigueirÃa Santos
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2009
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From years 1980 we witness the advent of the digital products that, conceived in geometric progression become each time more incorporeal.

Opening, this way, the software project frontlines.

Over the digital artifacts designing activity, we are talking about softwares, weâve detected a huge âprojectual emptyâ for solutions reuse and kwonledge transfer.

Weâve verified, therefore, as the pattern-based design and the platform-based design paradigms contribute on this domain, providing reduction of project time, project risks and project cost trough an extensive solutions reuse and kwonledge transfer.

In our studies of case, we conceive games and websites using patterns and platforms.

Allowing to illustrate clearly, in the practical way, as effectively they contribute to digital artifacts designing, acting directly in the above-mentioned demands