Câncer de mama: vivência das usuárias dos serviços prestados pela Liga Norte Riograndense Contra o Câncer

Autor Principal: Danielle Dayanna Oliveira de Medeiros Cândido
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2006
Link Texto Completo: http://bdtd.bczm.ufrn.br/tedesimplificado//tde_busca/arquivo.php?codArquivo=1278
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This study is about the users experiences of the services offered by League Against Câncer that are in treatment of breast cancer, focusing on how the health/illness process develops.

It is distinguished, in this context, the National Politics of Health, approaching the sprouting, implantation and consolidation process of the Unified Health System and its shocks on the installment of health services to the low-income population as a legit right from Citizen Constitution.

It has as an objective to analyze how the social-economic extract of these women intervenes with such process, the aspects who involve the cancer while a pathology, approaching the signals, symptoms, forms of prevention, diagnosis, among other aspects that configure themselves as important points to the understanding of these experiences, since the diagnosis, treatment and control phases.

The research was carried out with 25 women, between the months of January and February of year of 2005.

The used technique was the scriptstructured interview, whose universe was defined through intentional sample.

The following distinguishes as a result of the research: The majority of the women has its origins on the interior of the state, possesses a familiar income from one to three minimum wages and didn t make any kind of prevention before diagnosis, currently make treatment, beyond other aspects.

It becomes necessary posterior studies on this social problematic, with respect to the personal, professional, familiar and social daily behavior of these women.

It is worth mentioning that the role of the social assistant in the developed work with these women, understanding all the impediments associated with such experiences, as well as giving information about the rights of the patients with cancer, conquered through the years