From free software to free culture: the emergence of open business / Access to knoledge in Brazil: new research on intellectual property, innovation and development

Autor Principal: Lemos, Ronaldo
Outros Autores: Mizukami, Pedro Nicoletti
Tipo: Capítulo de livro
Idioma: Inglês
Publicado em: Yale Information Society Project 2008
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This paper provides an examination of the emergence of open business models — entrepreneurial strategies that take advantage of the ease of digital reproduction to distribute free content, while earning money from the sale of related products and services.

Locating the origins of open business in the open source software phenomenon, the authors suggest that the business strategies innovated there have broader economic relevance.

Through a case study of the tecnobrega music scene in Belém, the paper illustrates how open business models can be applied to the production of cultural materials more generally