Unus Mundus: os graus da Coniunctio do alquimista Gerardus Dorneus, as fases alquímicas e suas relações com o ritmo ternário dos processos psíquicos em busca da totalidade quaternária, segundo C. G. Jung

Autor Principal: Cintia Roberta Ribeiro Hoffmann
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2006
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In Mysterium Coniunctionis, Jung encountered, on the three degrees of the conjunction of the alchemist Gerardus Dorneus, safe ground to explain the sequence of psychic processes that occur on the retorta, in search of the center the individualization processes, and demonstrated that the alchemic conjunction actually occurs in three stages.

Based on the study of the alchemic procedure, with bigger depth in the three degrees of the Coniunctio, one still notices that, as well as it was necessary for the Dorneus alchemist the accomplishment of three degrees or stages for the Conjunction, in Alchemy the Opus alchymicum, in all its extension, could be described, by the majority of the alchemists, in three known and necessarily consecutive phases: nigredo, albedo and rubedo.

Thus, this dissertation seeks to defend, under Jungian perspective, the hypothesis that the necessary degrees of the Coniunctio of the alchemist Gerard Dorneus for a Coniunctio Final, in the religious experience of the Unus Mundus, possess a strict relationship, on its psychic aspects, with the main alchemic phases: nigredo, albedo and rubedo.

Staying in a feasible ground, that of the symbolic investigation of the alchemic processes, as much through the analysis of the degrees of the Coniunctio of the Dorneus alchemist, as of the alchemic phases, this dissertation finds a broader understanding of the psychic processes that unfold during the opus alchymicum until the final Conjunction, confirming to be the ternary rhythm of the psychic processes in search of the quaternary totality.

However, the contribution of this thesis does not end here.

This search will be able to enrich, in this sense, the analysis and the jungian acknowledgement that, if we understand the Trinity as a process with three phases, such process should continue until reaching the absolute totality, the quaternary symbol.

Find out how these processes present themselves in the alchemic symbolism is a contribution to any individual who is concerned with the study of the religious experience in the individualization process, according to C.