Empréstimo linguístico do português na Língua de Sinais Brasileira - LSB : línguas em contato

Autor Principal: Cristiane Batista do Nascimento
Tipo: Teses/dissertações
Idioma: Português
Publicado em: 2010
Link Texto Completo: http://bdtd.bce.unb.br/tedesimplificado/tde_busca/arquivo.php?codArquivo=6239
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The present work deals with loan words from the Portuguese Language PL to the Brazilian Sign Language LSB (also known as Libras) from the perspective of language contact enabled by the situation of bilinguism experienced by deaf people.

Both LSB and PL are in constant contact and usually the spatial coexistence of languages has consequences, from a simple loan to the fusion of the languages involved.

The aim of this research is to describe and analyze loan words from PL to LSB focusing on loans originated from written PL, through fingerspelling of the LSB.

Also, this research intends to verify the consequences of this contact to LSB.

Based on studies of language contact such as pidgins, creoles, bilinguism, among other studies, this work examines the possibility of LSB become creolized as a consequence of its constant contact with the PL, given that these languages have very different properties because of their different structures one is an oral language and the other is sign language.